As recently as in the past six or seven years some in the advertising and publishing industry have dismissed social media as a “passing fad.”  Since then, events like the Arab Spring revolution have caused those same individuals to rethink their ideas on social media.  New platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, and more “traditional” platforms like Facebook and Twitter have grown, added advertising opportunities, and become starting points for social change.  Because of social media’s continued growth and popularity, it is more important than ever for your business to have a presence here.  Below we offer five reasons why your business needs social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing allows you to reach a broader audience.

While newspaper audiences tend to be older, more affluent, and more educated, social media users run the gamut of ages, education levels and economic classes.  According to a 2015 social media study by the Pew Research Center, Facebook users range in age from 18 to over 65.  This means, with just one platform, you can reach users looking for their first jobs and grandparents saving for retirement.

Twitter’s users tend to be between the ages of 18-49 and many of them are college graduates. Instagram? An even bigger percentage are 18 – 29, over 50% in fact.  However, the fact remains that if you want to get your business’s information seen by people in all of these age groups, you have to head to social media.[/fusion_li_item][fusion_li_item icon=”fa-check”]

Social Media marketing gives you more ways to interact with your customers.

Twenty years ago if customers had a question they called your business or stopped by; in the past decade maybe you’ve provided a contact form on your website for customers to use.  Today many businesses use Twitter and Facebook as ways of communicating with their customers.

Example 1: Hulu, the digital streaming channel, uses Twitter as a way to connect with customers having trouble with Hulu’s services.  You can direct message them on Twitter, or even send out a general tweet using @Hulu and you’ll get a response.  It’s a quick and effective means of communicating and it works. I’ve used it myself when I’ve had problem’s with Hulu and it’s worked much better than emailing or calling the company.

Example 2: J&M Aquatics and Pet Center’s Facebook Page is where most of their customers go to ask questions about their pets.  In fact, just last week a customer sent a message on Facebook of her fish to J&M Aquatics.  She had concerns about the fish, which was clearly sick, and utilized Facebook as a means to communicate with the business.  We collaborated with the store owner and manager to provide a response and suggestions to the customer within hours.

Because your customers are often connected to their social media via their phones and tablets, communicating with you in this way is easy for them. Don’t we all want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to communicate with us?[/fusion_li_item][fusion_li_item icon=”fa-check”]

Social Media Marketing helps you tell your story

Just as we’ve said before that your business’s choice of music plays into its branding, the same goes for your actions on social media.  Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram give you the chance to tell your business’s story and to show its personality through pictures, posts and shared articles.

As an upscale furniture store in Grand Junction, Holman House furniture probably isn’t going to share a funny “grumpy cat” meme on its Facebook page.  It’s going to focus on providing customers and potential customers with home decorating and design ideas, pushing its own brand, but also acting as a resource and idea center for those browsing Facebook.

On the other hand, as a local pet store, J&M Aquatics and Pet Center is most definitely going to post a grumpy cat meme on occasion. They like to seem relatable to their varied customer base and brand themselves as “the pet professionals.” While they do often post informative articles, it only makes sense that a pet store would provide a bit of playfulness now and again too.

Social media is a great place to present your business’s face to the world – whether it’s a playful face, an informative one, or a little bit of both, use these platforms as a way of expressing your business’s self.

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Social Media Marketing helps your SEO

One of the biggest ways to help your business appear in more search results, especially on Google, is to have a Google Business page. Google favors business’s with these pages and over time having a Google Business page will move your business up in search result listings.

Facebook pages also play a role in improving your SEO.  Because your business’s name and website are listed on Facebook, Google sees this as positive repetition. The more reputable websites or platforms on which your business and website are listed, the better.  I’ve found there are times when a business’s Facebook page will show up even before its own website does in a search result.

Being present on social media can only help your business improve its Search Engine Optimization.  By utilizing these tools and making sure your website is optimized,  you’ll find yourself on page #1 of a Google search before you know it!

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Social Media Advertising provides targeted options

Advertising on Facebook is easy, inexpensive, and provides businesses with a range of targeting options. You can target locations, interests, genders, and age groups. By providing such detailed targeting options, you as a business owner know your ad is getting seen by the exact group you’re trying to reach.

The insights that are provided by Facebook for advertising also provide a wealth of information about the people who saw your ad and those who engaged with it. You’ll know if people shared the ads with others, if they commented on it, and if they clicked any links in the ad as well.  Providing both a variety of targeting options and excellent, thorough analytics makes advertising on sites like Facebook a great fiscally sound way to reach new customers.


If you’re still wondering if Social Media Marketing is right for you, contact us.  We’ll be happy to consult with you on which platforms might be best for your business.[/fusion_li_item][/fusion_checklist][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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