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From attractive simple web design to large scale eCommerce platforms, the Sentinel Digital Agency team, located in Grand Junction, Colorado, has the expertise to assist you in website design. We begin each of our projects with a detailed discovery process that takes clients through comprehensive creative, strategy, and goal-setting research and planning. This session is designed to understand your audience and what’s important to them so that your website is a driver for your business.

Website design encompasses planning out the pages of your website, using keyword planners to identify necessary phrases for each page of your site, and finding images and colors that accurately portray your brand’s identity. We then talk through website design ideas with you to determine the look and feel of your website’s  Home Page and any “extras” you might desire like contact forms, click-to-call links, and inventory management.

Once the building of your site begins, you can expect us to put all of our resources into making sure your new website design meets not only your standards but ours as well.  We include a thorough inspection of each new site in your pricing.  We check to make sure links and pages all work and look they way they are supposed to, we update any social media sites we’re managing to include your new website, and we spell and grammar check every page.


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