As a digital marketing agency, we’re often perceived as focusing on website design, social media marketing and search engine optimization ways to help Western Slope businesses succeed. While we do perform those services frequently, there are other digital services that are just as important to your business’s success. Reputation management is a key part of digital marketing for any business, large or small. Knowing what customers are saying about your business and how to respond to their comments is crucial to helping your company grow stronger.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management involves checking various websites for reviews of your business and responding to those reviews accordingly. There are hundreds of review sites across the internet today, from Yelp and Trip Advisor to Facebook and Google+. Everyone has access to these sites and it only takes a few minutes for a disgruntled customer to leave a negative review or for a happy customer to leave a positive one. As a business owner, you’re busy running your company; you aren’t necessarily checking Facebook or Google+ every day to see what people are saying about you. That’s what we’re here for. With reputation management services we can literally help you manage your business’s reputation by watching for reviews and responding to them with your help or on your behalf.

Who needs reputation management?

Any business with an online presence needs reputation management. Google your business and, if you’ve got a Google Business page, you’ve got reviews. If you’ve got a Facebook page, you’ve got reviews. Even if you don’t have a website or Facebook page (and you should have both), if you’re in the hospitality industry you can bet someone has reviewed you on Yelp or Trip Advisor. This is especially true for restaurants and service industry businesses, but anyone who deals with customers, from law firms to retail stores, should be aware of what is being said about them online.

Why do I need help managing my reputation?

There are many reasons a business might need help managing their reputation. Perhaps you’ve just acquired a company whose reputation has suffered over the years. In this case it’s important to take the time to respond to recent negative reviews letting customers know the business is under new management. Restaurant and service industry business owners are often very busy and don’t have the time to respond to every review. These responses are important — they show customers that you care enough to thank them for a positive review and that you also are concerned enough to respond to a negative review. Sometimes it’s necessary to have help with reputation management simply because you need someone to craft a well-written, thought-out response.

How can Sentinel Digital Agency help me?

Reputation management: When someone criticizes your business, it can be easy to write a strongly worded, passionate response instead of a more thoughtful and level-headed one. In this instance, it can be helpful to explain your side of the story to a third party (like us). We can then design a response that is useful and appropriate. At Sentinel Digital Agency, your reputation is our job. We’re able to spend time watching your Facebook page, your Google+ page, Yelp, etc. for reviews of your business. We can respond to positive reviews for you and alert you to negative information circulating about your company.

Reputation marketing: We’ve explained how we can help with negative reviews, but there are ways we can take positive reviews and use those for further promotion and good will. For example, if a customer gives you a great review, we can help you reach out to them to offer them a personal thank you or even a special discount. Positive reviews, with the reviewer’s permission, can also be used as testimonials on your website or even in your print advertising.

Whether it’s a positive review that can be used in other marketing products or a negative review that needs attention, we’re able to take the time to find and respond to these for you so that you can spend your time doing what you do best: running your business.

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