Marrying the taste of your target audience with the tone that your company exudes can only help to foster your long-term relationship.

Earlier this year, Thomas Schäfer, who researches, teaches, and consults on the psychological effects of music at the Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany, published a study on the goals and effects of music listening. His study focused heavily on the degree to which someone listens to music and how that affects an individual’s taste in genre, styles, and artists.

Although figuratively dissecting the brain to examine why we listen to music throughout the day may seem less than exciting, Ricky O’Bannon, of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, argues that, “There is something interesting about forcing a level of mindfulness every time you listen to music in the car, at work or at home.” Pragmatic to our core, we couldn’t agree more that mindfulness in musical enjoyment can pay off in many ways – business being our focus here at Sentinel Digital Agency.

In our branding research, we go so far as to take the musical pulse of our clients. We believe the music your office is playing, and that which your employee(s) enjoy, can play into your branding as it projects to your public audience. Whether you play music in your lobby, surgical rooms, the background of your explainer videos, or in the headphones of each individual’s cubical, you have the opportunity to say, “This is part of our brand experience. Welcome!” to your target markets.

At SDA, you can find us listening to the latest and greatest by artists such as M.I.A. and Diplo:

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