You may have heard the old adage, “We’re all salespeople.” In one way or another, this is true. So how do you market your company in a way that separates your product or service from the crowd? Start by knowing who you are. Think about this in terms of people. Do you enjoy being around those friends or family members who are disorganized and whose lives are often chaotic? I don’t mean that you love them any less, but it’s safe to bet that they’re probably not the most dependable or consistent individuals. This is the same for companies. Your customers need to know that your business is dependable and that they can count on you once they’ve found you. But before they can find you, they need to know who your company is and what your company does in order to know if your service or product fills their need.

Once you’ve established who your company is and precisely what your company provides, it’s time to educate your potential customers. Many marketers make the mistake of using jargon to attract potential clients and in turn create non-followers amongst their audience. Instead, we recommend using marketing mediums to educate viewers about your company, services, or products in order to earn their respect, gain their trust, and build their loyalty. Resist the urge to view this tactic as giving away company secrets. If you’re KFC, you don’t give away your exact recipe but do tell the world that your chicken is coated in a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices – which makes you a better choice for fried chicken. Tell your target audience why they need you. Instead of yelling, “Buy my clothes! They’re on sale!” a more effective strategy may be to share that your clothes are made to resist wrinkles and can be machine washed for work rather than requiring dry cleaning.

There was a reason that you decided your business needed to exist. There was a time when you wanted to create a company that solved a customer’s needs in a way that other companies weren’t. Talk with your existing customers, your employees, and your colleagues and find out what is their favorite thing about your business. This is what you use to educate and attract your future clients.


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