If you don’t have the incoming business numbers that you’d like, there’s likely more than one reason. However, large attribution can usually be given to the lack of diversity in a company’s marketing touchpoints. In the beginning, many of our clients initially assumed that we would attempt to sell them advertising space. And, while an advertising approach may be the best fit in the end, we advise a bird’s-eye approach in order to view which methods best achieve a company’s marketing goals.

Here are four surprisingly underutilized marketing methods to spark your strategy planning as we quickly approach the first quarter of the new year:

Strategic Partnerships

These can also be known as referral or affiliate programs. In the small business arena, these are often forgone due to the complexity of organizing such a program. The important thing for business owners and marketing managers to remember is that single-source information is largely met with skepticism. Recommendations and partnerships that place your brand in conjunction with trusted influencers and businesses stand to build confidence in your company. One way of doing this is to combine the strengths of two or more companies in an event or promotion.

PR Outreach

Public relations (PR) is still largely underused in the small business sector usually because of the misunderstanding of its usefulness. The thought that a publicist is only useful to large companies and celebrities is far from the truth. Press releases can serve as a functional vehicle for local businesses to communicate community-centric information to local news outlets. If the information adds value to their audiences, there is a good chance they will amplify your marketing message to an interested public. Even on slow news days, mediums such as radio, newspaper and television often look to fill the void with lighter-hearted interest pieces.

POP (Point of Purchase) Displays

Ever get ready to checkout in a brick-and-mortar store or online and end up grabbing a prominently placed extra item, or five? Not just because of impulse purchasing, POP displays can be an extremely successful marketing tool for increasing sales whether you are a store owner or product producer. With an overwhelming amount of exposure to advertisements, buyers may not recognize a sign or poster but a product placed in a distinguished location helps to highlight it from its surroundings.

Niche YouTube Channels

Large channels can be extremely expensive and may not have a concentration of your ideal audience members. Instead, a niche YouTube channel focused on a specific subject in line with your company stands to deliver your message to a higher percentage of your target demographic at a more affordable price point.

With a bit of educated strategy planning, marketing has the potential to distinguish your company from the crowd and place your message in front of your ideal customers at multiple touchpoints.

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