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The strategies we work with you to create will serve as a guide for your team. They will help every member of your company to understand how you are established in your market in order to reach your key audience. The right message presented in a strategic way leverages your budget and puts your money to work in an organized manner. Also, it is essential in cutting through today’s cluttered communications environment.

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The Market Research we’re able to provide you comes in many forms.  For example, when deciding on a logo design, social media surveys can be a great tool.  When determining where on the Western Slope your target audience is, our Scarborough-Nielsen Market Study information is invaluable.  Finally, the various programs and digital marketing sites that we subscribe to provide us with a plethora of information that we can use to help your business.  From trends in social media to the best times of day to send your business’s email, Sentinel Digital Agency can help you put together a strategic data-driven marketing plan.

As an example, let’s assume you are trying to decide which social media platform is best for your business. We can use research to determine which platforms are most popular with your target market. Even more, our marketing strategy includes how much time people in your geographic target area spend on social media.  This could affect your overall strategy as far as the time you devote to marketing on any social media platform.  If you have questions about our marketing strategy options or what information we can provide for you, feel free to reach out anytime.


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