Do you ever find yourself fixated on overthinking a solution when the obvious, simple answer is right in front of you? You may have heard of the term “analysis by paralysis,” which refers to the crippling effects of having too many options in front of you and the mental backup that occurs from too many variables to sort through. You see this often in marketing, advertising and public relations. Small businesses become overwhelmed with performing their service, producing their products and trying to sort through which media offer the highest exposure to potential buyers and reap the largest return on investment. While there is no one-size-fits-all medium, the easy answer for most is sitting right under your nose. Or in your hands, we should say. It’s mobile marketing and it’s thriving via digital devices.

Mobile marketing comes in many forms – push notifications, email marketing, QR codes, app-based marketing, social media advertising and text messaging, just to name a mighty few. According to Statcounter, last year mobile devices overtook desktop computers in internet usage. When it comes to advertising strategy, mobile is most likely where your audience is spending their time. We put together a few statistics we thought you might be interested in:

■ According to the Pew Research Center: 69 percent of U.S. adults use social media, while 51 percent of Americans shop online using mobile devices.

■ According to the Spring 2015 Scarborough Nielsen Market Study: 70 percent of Mesa County residents own a smart phone, while 47 percent of Mesa County residents own a tablet device.

What do these numbers tell us? For retailers, having an online store with a user-friendly experience could be the boost in sales you’ve been searching for. Businesses with loyalty programs, appointment confirmations and in-store specials may find that text message notifications are the missing link to higher efficiency in workflow. Most companies will need to keep in mind that when it comes to email campaigns, these should be optimized for mobile devices. Can you think of how many people are forgetting your business simply because your relationship with them isn’t being developed through a platform they are frequenting often?

Think about it this way: Before mobile devices, social interactions were where services and products were reviewed, raved about and demoed. Though mobile devices create more time freedom, they’re not necessarily creating more time for socializing. What we see is that they simply allow users to check emails, apps and messages in the car, in line at the grocery store and at home. While this does seem like a social travesty, we’ll leave that debate for another time.

The silver lining here lies within the ability for a business to connect in a more personal way with its target audience. We’re not talking about shoving ad after ad down the throat of a consumer who wants nothing to do with a company. We’re talking about the ability for you to attract new business and grow the depth of existing relationships with the people who find joy in your company, its culture and what it produces. This is the goal of mobile marketing.

Not all age ranges and audiences appreciate mobile marketing, but if the content/message is tailored to their specific demographic it can be a welcomed form of brand communication. If not, it will in fact be junk mail. So before you go out and start creating negative followers, take some time or call an agency to pinpoint who your audience is, how they speak, what they like and what their mobile usage looks like. With the information available these days, it’s worth the initial time and monetary investment to make sure that your marketing campaigns are working for you rather than against you. If you want a high ROI, then give it your best and calculate through your expected results or have a professional assist you.

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