Picture it: an open office brightly lit by natural light filtering in through a wall of windows.  Even at 8 a.m. on a Monday there is chatter and buzz coming from every corner of the office.  Digital screens are filled with brand board ideas, video editing and website code. Everywhere there is noise and action!

In my mind, that’s what a digital marketing agency and web design agency looks and sounds like. In reality though, our cozy space here at 734 S. 7th Street is much different.  As an agency that can handle everything from website design to social media marketing and logo design, we are always busy.  However, a day in the life of our agency doesn’t always look so action-packed to the naked eye.

When we arrive in the mornings, natural light does fill our space as we’re lucky enough to have a window looking out over 7th street and the graffiti art from across the way.  It’s cozy down here with sunlight streaming in.  There is morning chatter, especially on Mondays.  Before much talk occurs though, we make the routine trip to the coffee and tea bar for caffeine.  With steaming mugs in hand, and chatter finished, on go the headphones.  Silence, except for the clicking of fingernails on keyboards, reigns in our space.

It’s during these times that we get the most work accomplished: headphones send a silent signal to others to “do not disturb!” Music helps us to concentrate and focus on the projects with which we’re currently involved.  Those projects these days could be any of the following:

  • Social media updates for clients / social media marketing ads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Website changes and inventory management
  • Website designs for a new clients
  • Search Engine Optimization – we might be researching the latest trends in SEO, using a keyword planner to help us focus on specific keywords for a website, or simply updating and rewording information on a webpage.
  • Content marketing – blogs, E-Newsletters and sponsored content all play a role in helping our clients reach potential customers across Western Colorado or, if appropriate, across the nation.
  • Brand boards and logo design – this happens here too! We collaborate with our graphic artists to create the perfect logos, typeface, colors and other aspects of branding for clients. We know that your brand is one of the strongest tools for marketing that you have and we want that brand to accurately reflect your business’s personality and product.
  • Proposals – With each new client comes the need for a new and personalized proposal for marketing services. We research your business needs, collaborate with you, and create a marketing agency proposal to suit your needs.
  • Office work: billing, inter-office correspondence, etc

Throughout the morning there will be trips for tea, meetings with other agency staff, phone calls, emails and frustrations.  There may, or may not be much conversation! When we’re in the zone, very little can break our concentration. When our lunch break rolls around we strike out for all things stress relieving: bike rides, walks with our pups, good food and sunshine.

Afternoons follow a similar schedule, though we might also have client meetings (usually out of the office) or internal meetings to discuss the weeks’ events, customer growth, and social media marketing of our own.  By 5pm these days the sun is setting and our cozy office is growing dim. It’s time to head home, enjoy some tech-free time, and prepare for the next day.

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