In homes across the country, Spring also means “Spring Cleaning.” It’s that time of year when we all wash the curtains, vacuum behind the couch, and get rid of clutter we’ve accumulated for the past year. This is a great time to do the same thing with your marketing strategy. Take stock. See what needs to be cleaned up, tossed out, or revisited. To get you started, here are 10 tips for refreshing your marketing strategy.

Content: If you’re not writing content for your website, or at least updating your site with pertinent news and information, you should be. Fresh, updated content is one of the ways Google ranks your site. This means that if you haven’t updated anything on your website in several years, you may not be showing up as high in search results as you could be.

SEO: Updating your directory listings and adding keywords a year ago may not be enough. You can check your site’s SEO score with lots of free programs out there, like For a list of directory sites on which your business should be listed, check out this article from Hubspot: Your site’s SEO is what helps it show up higher on a page when someone searches for “Grand Junction Realtor” for example. Having your business listed on directory sites, and making sure you’ve optimized each page of your website for specific keywords is important to your business’s success.

Emails: If you’re not currently collecting emails from your customers, you need to start. E-newsletters are still a very popular way to get information to your current customers. They’re a great way to share information, such as “10 reasons your dog needs to get outside more” and to also highlight specials or coupons, like “Save $5 on X Brand Dog Food.” These e-newsletters keep you and your business top of mind with your customers. If you have a large social media following, you can sign up for Mailchimp and put a link on your Facebook page. If you prefer you can have cashiers collect email addresses when customers are checking out. Either way, start collecting and start communicating more often with your customers.

Events: Consider hosting in-store events. Pet food demos, after-hours networking, and Lunch and Learns are all great ways to engage with potential new customers. Events can be a great way to showcase or provide a demonstration of a new product. Other events like customer appreciation days are an opportunity to provide special discounts and even door prizes for your customers. This is a great way to show your appreciation for customer loyalty and to interact more with shoppers.

Website: Check your website. Make sure all your links and contact forms are still working. Sometimes software updates can cause glitches, and if a program has automatically updated, you could have a broken image or an ill-functioning form that was working perfectly six months ago. Look at your website on a phone. Does everything work there? Is your menu easy to find? If you’re seeing issues with this, contact a knowledgeable agency about helping you with updates.

Video: Video is the new trend these days, especially live video on Facebook. We think video is a great way to give a tour of a home or RV, show off a cute guinea pig at your pet store, or even to entice people to attend an event. However, we caution the use of Facebook Live videos: if you’re going to do it, make sure you’ve thought about your lighting, your appearance, and your location.

Reviews: Respond to reviews. Good reviews are easy to respond to, right? “Thank you so much for your business!” Bad reviews are tougher. A bad review makes you automatically defensive. Take a few deep breaths, maybe even leave it for a few hours, before you respond. When you do respond, be professional. You may just want to use a brief response like, “We’re very sorry you had a bad experience with us. Please give us a call at (970) 123-4567. We’d love to see how we can make this right.” If you feel that a longer, more detailed response is needed, just be sure to state your case and avoid any criticisms or negative tones.

Social Media: We all know social media is important for businesses. However, just having a social media account isn’t enough. You should be posting sales, interesting articles, fun events in town, etc., several times a week on your social media accounts. Use your Instagram feed to show off that house you just sold, or that cool shipment of saltwater aquarium fish your store just got. Tweet out links to your blog posts, and pin your blogs on Pinterest. If you’re a B2B company, update your LinkedIn profile and stay active with articles and in group discussions.

Your Brand: Take a look at your logo and your business cards. Ask others younger and older than you for their honest opinions and consider a refresh. It might be time to freshen up your brand’s colors, or at least get an updated, modern business card design. Your image is everything and if your logo and business card seems tired and outdated, you may want to make a change.

Photos: Professional, high-quality photos can have a huge impact on your company’s success. If clients see fuzzy photos of a home for sale they are probably going to be turned off. However, if you have clear, bright photos that showcase a room’s features, clients will be impressed. The same goes for headshots. A photo of you that your brother took with his iPhone is nothing compared to a professional photo of you with the right lighting and background to highlight you.

Get busy spring cleaning your marketing strategy! As always, digital marketing should be just one piece of your overall marketing strategy. For more quick marketing tips for Spring, join us Friday, April 20th from noon to 1pm for our monthly Lunch and Learn series. Brown bag lunches are encouraged; snacks, water, coffee, and tea will be provided.



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