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Grounded in what we know.
Passionate about what comes next.

Julie Norman
Julie NormanDigital Strategist
Southern charmer-turned-mountain-bike-flyer, mega-motivator, boldfaced adventurer, foodie chronicler, tireless vacay planner

Julie has been a member of the Daily Sentinel team since 2007 and her job, it seems, grows and changes constantly. Since that first day Julie has built, revised or managed many websites, social media sites, and digital ads. Currently, as manager and Digital Brand Specialist for the Sentinel Digital Agency, she changes hats on a sometimes hourly basis. Her main goal, though, is always to be a driving digital marketing force for her customers.

Mollie Shepardson
Mollie ShepardsonDigital Strategist
Business builder, next-level-networker, well-heeled media maven, eternal class president, natural-born ringleader (literally — fitness coach)

Mollie is a Colorado native who earned her B.A. in Journalism, Media Studies & Emerging Technologies from San Diego State University in California. With 10 years of experience in PR, branding, and web design, her life is centered around business development and community empowerment. At Sentinel Digital Agency, Mollie gets to wear all of her favorite hats in digital research, strategy, trends and leadership.

Daniel Donnie Flores
Daniel Donnie FloresDigital Projects Associate
Daniel Donnie Flores was born in 1989 and is a native of Long Beach, CA. His love of photography and design started in 2007 when he was introduced to the basics of b&w photography and design, in high school. He has quickly become an expert in creating clean, modern designs for use in print and digital spaces. His expertise lies in graphic design, social media, brand identity design creation, web design and print collateral. Passions include: Coffee, Community Involvement, Photography, and all things Friends

Life at SDA

Sentinel Digital Agency is a digital collaborative (marketing | design | public relations | branding | advertising) agency with deep roots in Grand Junction, CO. We help you not to simply generate interest in your business but to help you build truly loyal brand followers. We are an imaginative, innovative and future-thinking collective of many disciplines on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Collaborative by design. We are:


Adaptation must be smart and tailored to each brand.

Adaptability is Key

Our diverse focus on continuing education makes it easy to create a meaningful campaign with lasting value.

Team Builders

We build our specialized teams for your ultimate success.

Focus & Leadership

On each project, we build collaborative teams who are highly competent, action oriented, customer centric and revenue accountable.

Client Centric

We champion your voice and say where to play & how to win.

Your Brand Matters

We are the evangelists who pinpoint and help your company understand market placement & strategy.

We would love to hear about what you and your team are working on at the moment.

Our diverse experience makes it easy to tailor our collaborative offerings to suit your
needs, budget and timing.